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Role: Publication Coordinator

I track Festival Programmer note submissions and ensure that editors are getting them through to designers at the layout stage in a timely manner in order to meet daily print deadlines (the entire book comes together in under 14 days). My responsibilities include getting approvals and permissions from various internal stakeholders, collating pages of edits, and inputting changes into inDesign, as well as identifying which pages and sections are in the best shape to be our next layout focus. I work closely with the Festival Programming team and identify print priorities to keep the production process moving.

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Commerce by artists

Role: Publication Coordinator

Edited by artist and scholar Luis Jacob, this anthology was 10 years in the making and the latest in a long line of …by Artists publications by Art Metropole. My primary task was to acquire the rights to reprint images and texts by various artists who have engaged with themes of commerce, economy, goods, and value. Some works were easier to include in the book than others; a number of galleries would not grant the required permissions, which led me to get creative and reach out directly to estates and obtain materials that way. I also had a hand in the layout of the book in InDesign.


11+91 | 011+92: On Locational Identity

Role: Project Coordinator

In support of the 2013 exhibition that addressed South Asian identity and notions of home away from home, I helped develop an exhibition catalogue as part of my curatorial work at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. The artists in the show were paired up to conduct conversations about belonging and locality, and I made sure we were receiving content that fit our curatorial mandate for the show.

With works by Khadija Baker, Avantika Bawa, Sunil Gupta, Dipna Horra, Eshan Rafi, Meera Seethi, Sumaira Tazeen, and Joshua Vettivelu